Cool Parents Unite!

Notes from an indie mum

Alternative, Goth, Vintage, Retro, Rockabilly, Punk, Indie, Free Spirit, Non Conformist, Rock'n'Roll, and all round cool Mummy's unite and take over!

Hi there,
My name is Sandi and I have a vision.  I dream of a world where you don't have to lose touch with the culture you love because you become a parent. I dream of a world where every 'cool person' who becomes a parent is totally allowed to retain the 'cool' moniker. I dream of a world where every cool parent who works hard to raise smart, funny, kind and cool kids know they are not alone- and know where to look to find other like-minded parents and kids.

I can't be alone- not that long ago I was your average twenty-something 'alternative type', surrounded by legions of other like-minded youths. And then I got pregnant, and woke up to discover that either I am the only person who didn't ditch being 'alternative' once I found parenthood, or I am simply not looking in the right places... So I started a blog to catalogue my thoughts and feelings about my 'lifestyle' shift, and to help me and my son Hunter keep connected with what cool stuff is going on in the world- stuff I may never have found if I'd stuck to reading the 'mainstream' parenting press. And I have to tell you, I'm having so much fun. Parenting is a whole new field of awesome I had never previously thought about exploring- and now I have the ultimate excuse to play with toys, read cool books, buy rockin' clothes for my little guy, get crafty and laugh.

The blog is named Milk Eyes after a song by Aussie band The Grates. Just like the Grates I'm from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

The east coast of Australia is a pretty great place to live, we have an excellent live music scene, thriving art community and beautiful scenery to chill out to. It is also a great place to raise a child, and that is exactly what I have found myself doing- on July 29, 2011 little Hunter William Savage-Darling entered the world.

At that exact moment parenthood went from being an abstract concept called 'pregnancy' that kept me from partying, drinking, smoking and seeing dawn from the other side, to being a solid reality. My entire life changed- everything I knew about the world (the love I have for my husband, my family, my friends, music, art, my life and all other lives on this planet) condensed into a small dot and all the space around what I had previously considered to be the entire universe was revealed to me by way of filling up with love for a whole new segment of my existence: my son. 

The city of Brisbane is peachy, but when you have a different perspective on life, and parenting, it can feel a little small. I couldn't seem to find a local mothers group or baby scene to hang out with where I felt I fit in as an individual- yes the women at the groups were all excellent people, and yes their babies were seriously adorable, I just have a different ethos. An alternative point of view.

So I took to the web to find refuge, and friendship. While I found a few American and UK sites I failed to find any sites on being a youthful, vibrant and uh... 'unique' individual who also happened to be a parent with Aussie content. I've done the looking and been left wanting, so I decided I start a blog about being an indie mum, and let you find me.

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