Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Nappy bags and Handbags

Several months ago I scored free tickets to see Eminem. It was really fun, even though I don't like his music. Something though made me realise just how much motherhood has changed the daily fabric of my life. 
My friend Reb had given me the ticket. I was at her house watching her get ready because I was so excited to go out. I go out a fair bit considering how far away we live from our friends and family and that I have a toddler at home, and yet I still get really excited to break the daily routine and inject some socializing into the mix. It's always been the case that for me, the 9-5 becomes a blur after a while. So that's no different from before. 
The thing that made me realise how much motherhood had changed the fabric of my life is a functional item: the humble handbag. 
Reb opened a beautifully organized drawer filled with many gorgeous handbags. Big handbags, clutches, satchels- so many gorgeous bags. Together we chose the perfect bag to offset her ensemble and off she went to chuck in a few important things (lipstick and lollies!!).
I have a drawer like that too. It's the very raw bones of a collection of bags that has been fiercely pruned back to the bare essentials. The survivors huddle together for safety in a drawer tucked away out of sight, for one bag rules in this girls life. The nappy bag. 
I chose well. My nappy bag is really great for both Lee and I. It has done it's job fabulously. But fuck taking that to the concert. So I had to unpack it. I still somehow ended up with baby wipes and  two baby pins. 
And thank the gods too, because those pins came in handy. I overheard a young lady in the bathroom on the phone to her friend, really upset because the backseam zipper on her leather mini skirt had come undone. She was dressed to kill, and this had undone her. I told her I had pins, and then worked to "stitch" her split zip back up. It was not easy getting the pins to avoid the leather and grab just the scantest edge of hidden zipper allowance, and have them inside the skirt, as obviously they couldn't be seen from the outside- the goal was discretion. She was able to return to the concert and then rush home to change before rejoining her party people. 
So yeah. Handbags. And their contents. 

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