Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A letter to my son age two and a half.

Hunter, you are now two and half.
You continue to amaze me! As I type this you are sitting beside me cruising YouTube for films about monster trucks. You are particularly fond of the made for YouTube cartoons that show monster trucks crushing the alphabet or counting to ten. Your grasp of the English language continues to develop at a rate of knots, so I begrudgingly value the role these short forays into tv-land play in enhancing your learning.

As you learn to talk more, we get to teach you more and more things. One of the main things you are learning at the moment is toilet skills. Another is being gentle and nice- you sometimes get very upset and hit me or daddy- or even other kids. We are making great headway with both. Both are equally exhausting. You are so sweet 99% of the time that your outbursts are minor blips. You still say some cute things, for example you mispronounce pillow (pee yo), and call milk “milky moo”.

You are really great at remembering people and names. You love going to hang out next door with Callum and Reb and ‘Niggit’ as you call their dog (real name Knight- pronounced the way Monty Python say it). You miss your daycare teachers and sometimes ask about them during the week when you are not at daycare. You love our friends. You especially love your Grannie.

Your favourite things to do include playing at the “planepark”, riding your balance bike (your little legs can finally reach the ground!), playing in your toy kitchen, helping me make smoothies, drawing and anything to do with being in the garage fixing things with Daddy.
Some nights you love bath time or shower time, and some nights you scream blue murder. There is no way of telling until it’s on. You love brushing your teeth. Daddy showed you his electric toothbrush so now I’m on the lookout for a battery operated one for you. You are equally hot and cold about bed time. You go to bed at 7pm now, but some nights you’ll push to 7:30. Despite how late you go to bed, you are still up at the butt-crack of dawn. 6:30 is a sleep in for you lately, preferring to get up 6am. Thank god for the long daytime nap. The days you miss it you are one stroppy little so-and-so. I fear you have inherited your fathers need for sleep. Generally you are a cheerful and thoughtful little guy who follows instruction well and loves to learn.

I love you so much I can’t even explain. Just this morning I was thinking about how my job is to teach you how to be a good person, and your job- is to teach me how to be a good human. We learn and grow together. Recognising that has helped your Dad and I too. Sometimes a marriage can be difficult, but remembering our commitment to love each other- and remembering that love is teaching and learning simultaneously- really helps. We make a great family.
One last thing before I forget. You found my lip balm the other day and asked Daddy about it. He told you it was lip balm, and you looked at him incredulously, and said “lip bum?!?” while pointing to your butt. SO CUTE.

Xx Mummy

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