Thursday, 9 January 2014

Quick Break: Underwaterworld for Toddlers

To welcome in 2014 we visited Underwater World. I was unsure how Hunter would take it, I figured he would either really enjoy it, or he would be overwhelmed and clingy. Happily he really enjoyed it.

Hunter didn't enjoy the touch pool, but he did love the seals and the underwater tunnel. We spent $19 and got to meet a seal up close and personal! It was my highlight- closely followed by the Otter show. I just adored hearing about all the daring Otter escapes!

Since we've come home Hunter has spoken a LOT about fish and sharks. I think I might pick up some plastic figurines of water toys and make some of these lovely Pinterest ocean sensory tubs. 
If your little one likes The Octonauts, or sealife, or just hanging out in new places that arent 40degrees (how HOT has it been lately?!?) get along to Underwater World. We bought our tickets online via RACQ and found them to be the cheapest tickets available, however if you aren't in the RACQ you can also buy discounted tickets online through the Underwater World Website.

Underwater love,
Sandi D

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