Monday, 30 December 2013

Hunter LOVED Christmas!

I'm usually not a huge Christmas fan, but this year was different. Knowing our son is the perfect age to begin understanding the season made it that much more exciting for both Lee and I. We went a little overboard, getting him two big pressies, as well as a Duplo set.

The first thing we got him was this sensational Hip Kids Retro Kitchen set- however we were lucky enough to find this one on eBay- one of those rare times where exactly what you want is listed in the wrong category with spelling errors. So we scored this for minimum bid. Hunter already had a bunch of wooden kitchen things, and now they have a proper home. He was wild about it!

Hunter was also lucky enough to get a pedal car- a Jeep that Daddy plans to respray into something a bit cooler than a Police car. As soon as he saw it he put KissKat in the passenger seat and drove off singing Jingle Bell Rock which was rather cute. It was rather difficult to get Hunter out of it in order to travel to Pa's for Christmas breakfast and Grannie's for Christmas lunch. 

Apart from giving our son gifts, we also gave bags of groceries to The Food Bank, a charity that does amazing work feeding families in need. 

Better than giving though was the time spent with our families. The older I get the more I appreciate this aspect of the holiday season. 

I hope you have all also enjoyed a brilliant festive season too.

Jingle bell time, it's a swell time
Sandi D

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