Monday, 30 December 2013

Hunter LOVED Christmas!

I'm usually not a huge Christmas fan, but this year was different. Knowing our son is the perfect age to begin understanding the season made it that much more exciting for both Lee and I. We went a little overboard, getting him two big pressies, as well as a Duplo set.

The first thing we got him was this sensational Hip Kids Retro Kitchen set- however we were lucky enough to find this one on eBay- one of those rare times where exactly what you want is listed in the wrong category with spelling errors. So we scored this for minimum bid. Hunter already had a bunch of wooden kitchen things, and now they have a proper home. He was wild about it!

Hunter was also lucky enough to get a pedal car- a Jeep that Daddy plans to respray into something a bit cooler than a Police car. As soon as he saw it he put KissKat in the passenger seat and drove off singing Jingle Bell Rock which was rather cute. It was rather difficult to get Hunter out of it in order to travel to Pa's for Christmas breakfast and Grannie's for Christmas lunch. 

Apart from giving our son gifts, we also gave bags of groceries to The Food Bank, a charity that does amazing work feeding families in need. 

Better than giving though was the time spent with our families. The older I get the more I appreciate this aspect of the holiday season. 

I hope you have all also enjoyed a brilliant festive season too.

Jingle bell time, it's a swell time
Sandi D

Monday, 9 December 2013

Makes me happy: We went to Bribie Island

Not that long ago we went to Bribie Island for a morning. Since I'm finally backing up my iphone and transferring the photos to my PC I figured I may as well share some of them with you. We had a really great day.

It was the perfect time to take Hunter, and I don't just mean the weather. He was so engaged in the experience. He wanted to find shells, to spot sharks (there were none, be he kept pointing them out), to build castles and to feed the birds. 

Life's a beach,
Sandi D

Monday, 2 December 2013

Hunter's First Toddler Christmas Party

On Saturday we went to Hunter's first ever daycare Christmas Party. 
We got to see his class perform Jingle Bell Rock, and the nursery rhyme Open, Shut Them while dressed as bells. If that sounds like it was an orderly event I'm afraid I have led you astray. I would have been better to explain it as watching the care staff, dressed as Christmas Town folk, sing while simultaneously wrangling a crowd of unruly toddlers. For their part the toddlers mostly pulled at their costumes and occasionally mimed some of the song parts (Hunter only mimed the part  'give a little clap, put them in your lap' and later 'put them on your chin' before reverting back to stunned mode). It was an adorable muddle.
(That's Hunter, putting his hands on his chin, last red bell on the right).

After the performances we all got to go and play. The daycare put on a big show, with a petting zoo, miniature train, merry go round, jumping castle, sideshow alley and Santa! It was pretty fab :)
Lee was off to the petting zoo like a flash, he and goats have a weird synchronicity. He patted a cow until it fell into a hypnotic trance, and all the cattle flocked to be by his side, which meant Hunter got to pat them all while the other kids were stuck getting snapped at by a grouchy duck. 
Of course we had to ride the train several times. Hunter has recently developed a fascination with building train tracks, so riding in a real train was a timely treat. 
After a few more rides Hunter came face to face with the Jolly Man himself. He didn't quite know what to do, so he simply stared the man down until the gift was handed over. Hold your ground mate. Hold your ground.
After Hunter was well and truely exhausted we headed home. But not before we took a moment to thank my mum for being there with us. Four years ago to the day I lost my father, so spending the day with my mum was good for the soul. 

All and all it was a really fab day. 
Merry Christmas, 
Sandi D
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