Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Good Food and Wine Festival

Thanks to some amazing bloggy hook ups Lee, Hunter and I went with some friends to The Good Food and Wine Festival. It was fun, delicious and amazing! So many samples, so much cheese, so much wine. I never realised how many artisans are out here making fine wines, cheeses and other delightful noms.

I was most impressed, but not as impressed as Hunter.

The show is still on tomorrow, so if you're looking for a fun (and delicious) way to spend a day, tickets are $25 available at the door. The price includes all the free samples you can consume.

Big prams are going to be a hinderance as the event gets crowded quickly. Even though we arrived as the doors opened, within an hour it became more and more difficult to navigate through the throng of foodies. Face wipes are a must, as are bibs. Don't bother packing snacks though, there is plenty of fun toddler friendly available, from fresh organic fruit, to tapanades, yoghurts, meats and veg. Hunter loved the stewed fruits, conserves, scones, Maggie Beer icecream- although I wish I hadnt let him have that- not just because I wanted more, but because he doesn't get much refined sugar in his diet and so sleep time was an *ordeal*. Even though there was sleepytime hell to pay for the dietary sins I still recommend the day and will hopefully get to go again next year.

Sandi D

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