Sunday, 17 November 2013

It's a Savage-Darling life

November is flying by as fast as a monster truck. I know this because Hunter is still deep in the throws of his obsession with monster trucks, especially fast ones.

Lee has a couple of Tamiya RC cars, which have been accompanying us on our walks to the park. Even though together they drive like a drunk it is seriously adorable to see my two guys, with their matching concentration faces (tongue poking out), sharing the remote controller- Daddy on the forward and back and Hunter on the left and right toggle sticks.

When Hunter needs a bit of chill out time, he asks to watch monster trucks, which means we trawl YouTube for monster truck jump compilations. And watch them again, and again, and again.

At a recent trip to the oppshop I found Hunter a monster truck toy that drives forward and backwards. Needless to say he loves it. The first night he had it, I had to tuck it in to "bed" on the cushion of his reading chair. When he woke me up the next morning he was crying because he couldn't pull the truck through the cot bars, but didn't want to let the truck go.

Late yesterday afternoon Lee decided to move "ManLand" around, and after his bedtime bath Hunter decided to help him. I could hear them shifting the workbenches around and talking about what each of the tools was used for.  I looked in a little while later to find ManLand in complete disarray, planks of wood leaning on every surface, the two of them building ramps (or "big hills" as Hunter said) for racing toy cars and trucks. 

This morning Hunter greeted me with a smile and the words "big hill!". So today we are back in ManLand, racing cars down the planks again.

There are worse ways to spend a gloomy Sunday.

Sandi D

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