Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Halloween in Brisbane

Halloween MumClub was a great success. The kids loved the playground! 

Halloween at home was not as well planned- we ran out of 'treats' just as the last group came by- next year I'll be sure to pick up more sweets and spooky stickers. The kids that did come by were characterized by exuberant politeness, and $2 shop costumes. I saw a whole bunch of Scream masks and glittery witches! In general the kids that came by were in groups, with parents (and family dogs) dressed up waiting on the footpath. I liked seeing everyone out together, it seemed like they were all having a lot of fun.

Hunter had a great time making Halloween art, and loved wearing my witches hat too, so even though we didn't go trick or treating we still had loads of spooky fun together :)

How was your Halloween? Did you also get bunches of super cute kids knocking for treats?

Trick or treats,
Sandi D

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