Thursday, 7 November 2013

Backyard Painting With A DIY Toddler Safe Easel

An easel is on Hunter's Christmas Wishlist, but until then I have been using an old coffee table turned on its side with some masking tape to hold the paper up.

It is surprisingly sturdy, and just the right size for a large sheet of butchers paper.

I'm also being thrifty with the paint palette, using the base of an old baby food purée freezing station- but you could also use a muffin tray or an ice cube tray, or even an old egg carton.

I love watching Hunter paint- he has now started telling me stories about what he is painting. He painted some wheels, a cats ears, whiskers and tail and then a spider. 

"Paint me like one of your French girls"
Best of all I love to capture his hand prints- lots of Hunter's art gets used as wrapping paper and stationary but the ones with hand prints get kept for me to weep over when he's fully grown.

Bless this mess,
Sandi D

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