Thursday, 3 October 2013

Montessori Bathroom For Toddlers

I recently purchased a water cooler for Hunter's bathroom, so now he can wash his hands and pour himself drinks whenever he pleases.

He has his own hand towel, a bin, the water cooler and basin, a cup, a face washer, a cup, his toothbrush and hairbrush, a box for undies and a place for spare towels and face washers, as well as (not shown) his potty, tissues and baby wipes all at his level.

The pride Hunter takes in maintaining his own hygiene is wonderful. It has been so validating for him to be able to accomplish these simple tasks without adult intervention. 

The first day I modified this space to accommodate the water cooler he spent a bit of time 'playing' with the water, filling up cups just to pour them out, spilling water on everything. I simply showed him how he was expected to use the bathroom and he has since given up with the inappropriate play. Likewise when he was first given tissues and baby wipes he pulled them all out and it took a bit of explaining to get him to use them only when needed.

If you have the space at home I recommend setting up a mini-bathroom station for your little ones. As you can see it can be made of humble bits and pieces, there is no need to splash out on purpose built items. The only thing I bought specifically for the bathroom was the water cooler, and at $14.95 from Aldi I can't complain about the price. What is priceless is seeing Hunter's confidence soar each time he is able to complete these tasks for himself without any adult intervention. 

So fresh and so clean,
Sandi D

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