Friday, 5 July 2013

Trufulla Tree Party Favors, two weeks later! A blooming good idea!

I saw on a Montessori blog about the benefits toddlers enjoy from planting and playing with nature, at about the time I was hunting for cheap party favor bags. I had bought two $2 packets of 8 carboard 'candy boxes' from a cheapy $2 store and wasnt sure how to fill them. I think they get quite expensive and I was hoping to keep the costs down. Then I realised I could combine the two: buy a $3 bag of soil and two packets of $0.75 sunflower seeds and for under $8 make 16 party favors...

And thus I ended up with a forgotten laundry tub still half filled with soil sprouting multiple 'Trufulla Trees' in my back yard. Hunter is very excited to have a job- he was asked today if he wanted to help care for the plant and he most certainly did. It was adorable to watch him water them. He kept asking for more and more water.

We aren't the only ones either, I have had numerous mums and kids tell me their seeds are sprouting! . I just realised though that I also bought 2 $2 hand spades so the total cost was actually $12, which probably isn't that cheap anymore. Especially as once I got home I remembered Hunter's water play table also had a plastic spade and watering can... But I got to keep those, so maybe it evens out? The planting 'Trufulla Trees' was almost certainly more entertaining than your usual party bag- Kids of all ages (and even some dads) were merrily digging in the dirt! And it did double duty as a party activity too, which kept costs down in the entertainment category too.

How does your garden grow?
Sandi D

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