Monday, 1 July 2013

Dr Seuss themed party food: Things I learned.

Cat In The Hat pancake skewers with fresh strawberries and cream, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish jelly cups, Hop On Popcorn, Oh The Places You'll Go biscuits, Thing One and Thing Two fairy floss, Trufulla Tree fruit skewers, Green Eggs and Ham chocolate eggs and devilled eggs- if it is on Pinterest you will try and make it.

You will spot these Popcorn boxes from a $2 shop, customise them with your trusty Posca Paint Pen and fill them with lightly salted air popped pop corn tossed in melted white chocolate and Dollar Fives (Hundreds and thousands). Like kettle corn, these salty sweet taste explosions will be gone in a pop! Luckily you got to eat all the ones that were leftover. Omnomnom.

Your dear friend Michelle will make blue fairy floss (we used a Flossy Fairy Floss Machine, and used a few drops of blue food dye to turn the white sugar blue. I let it dry for a few days before the event). It will take AGES, make an epic mess and sadly all twenty five of the little fairy floss cups will melt into nothingness in minutes. Not a single guest will admire them, or eat them because they will all turn into sticky blue stains which render the cupcake liners useless- You won't even be able salvage the custom cases and use them to display lollies. Never again.

You will use a recipe for devilled eggs, adding in an avocado and some horseradish cream and will later realise they were so popular you didn't even get to try one.

Aldi sells plain white marshmallows, Woolworths sells homebrand white chocolate chips and Spotlight sells oil based food colouring powder. You'll want to buy two tubes of the oil based food dye (but of course you wont know that at the time, and be stuck at home with pink chocolate wondering how you'll fix this mess). Overflow sells a bag of 200 multicoloured plastic 'cocktail straws'. Melt the chocolate and the dye together - DO NOT ADD LIQUID FOOD DYE! The chocolate will seize and the only way to fix it is to add coconut oil slowly. So says the voice of experience.

A basic pancake recipe, fresh strawberries and cream in a can. The cream will melt but the guests won't mind. Next time try a stabilised cream recipe.

The most successful food will be The Grinch Christmas Dip. Layers of creamy cheesecake mix and caramel, topped in shattered toffee, served with fresh sliced green apples to dip. Guests will later comment that they tried this and then wanted to take the bowl somewhere private where they could eat the lot remorselessly.

The Pink Yink Drink is just creaming soda, but the Beezlenut juice will take a lot more preparation. For days you will be dying water blue and making ice cubes, making super chunky jelly and chilling lemonade. When it comes time for the drink to be put together, the ice will instantly melt into a blue mess and the jelly will do nothing but cause youngsters concern while simultanesouly dying the laminate of your kitchen bench.

And then the birthday cake. Last years cake was all manner of epic so this year you decide to go easy on yourself and make a ombre layer cake. You'll cheat and use a cake mix and premade icing, which you'll dye with increasing amounts of green food dye. once baked, you'll declare it a failure as none of the cakes rise properly. You'll slive off the uneven tops, slather them with icing, jam them together and then hand the reigns over to your dear (long suffering) friend Michelle. While she slaves at the cake, you'll stuff yourself with cake and wine and hate all over the idea of hosting a party. As always, Michelle will make it all much better. Once fully iced, you'll stab a few straws topped with pompoms in the top and call it a Lorax Trufulla tree forest. No one will care that the cake isn't a fondant topped masterpiece. They will all still be too sparkle eyed by the rest of the food on offer. The guests will merrily sing Happy Birthday, crowding around watching Hunter loose his biscuits over getting to cut a big cake and then eat some too.

All in all, the party is a success. Thank you Pinterest, but mostly thank you Michelle. For a forensic scientist you sure have some rad party skills!

Sandi D

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