Thursday, 27 June 2013

Dr Seuss Themed Birthday Party Decorations and Activities For Toddlers, with Free Printables

June 29 Marks Hunter's 2nd birthday, we chose to celebrate with a Dr Seuss themed party. Hunter loves Dr Seuss books, and following on from the enormous success of last years Where The Wild Things Are Party I decided to try my hand at a similarly over-the-top themed experience this time around.

Rather than focus on one Dr Suess Character, we took our favourite aspects of all of his works and used them as the basis for our food, decorations and party activities.

I drew up the covers of five of Hunter's favourite books to be used as wall hangings in each of the party areas. The Cat In The Hat, Fox in Socks, Green Eggs and Ham, The Lorax, and Oh The Places You'll Go. I bought thin MDF sheets from Bunnings and used acrylic paints and Posca paint pens to get crisp outlines.

I scoured the $2 shops for themed bits and pieces, saving a lot of money compared to the prices at Party Supply Shops.

Spotlight had 3m packs of red and white spots and stripes bunting for 0.79 cents each (I bought all they had!); packs of 25 cupcake liners in red and white stripes for $2 each; and streamers, paper straws, coloured card, balloons and napkins for under $2/pack. I then went crazy customising them all. I went so crazy I broke the handle of my scissors!

I turned the horizontally striped cupcakes into Cat In The Hat hats, and the horizontally striped ones into Thing One and Thing Two's.The straws became Lorax moustaches or Cat In The Hat whiskers.

In Photoshop I edited some existing Dr Seuss images to make a postcard sized invite, much cheaper to post than last years oversized gold foiled ones. I also made a variety of other printables to be used during the party. I then took advantage of every colour printer I could possibly take advantage of...

I was very pleased to find the Dr Seuss website had a variety of free activity sheets, these became one of my main party activities.

The other activities were pass the parcel, a great game for kids of all ages, and a Lorax themed planting station. I even made a little poem for the plant care instructions.

Sewing together strands of coloured card circles created cheap and cheerful colour splashes, which looked fabulous dropping from the ceiling.

I used a built in alcove to display the party hats.

A while ago I posted about a Giggle and Hoot themed party in which Marion from Switcharoo Face and Body Art created many fabulous balloon sculptures. To thank me for the coverage she received as a result of the post she very generously made Hunter some AMAZING Dr Seuss themed balloons: A giant Cat In The Hat and a super cute Thing Two. Its almost a week later and these sculptures are still going strong, providing endless hours of entertainment for Hunter who still can't get over how fabulous they are. I love it when I hear his little voice sing out "BALLOONS"!

If you are looking for a special and unique way to add flair to a party or event in the Brisbane or Gold Coast area, Switcharoo Face and Body Art is your best bet- affordable, remarkable, amazing!

So that is all the decorations, I will be back shortly with another post on Dr Seuss themed party food and drinks.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at the pictures of Hunter's Dr Seuss themed second birthday party as much as I did creating the day.

Cool cats in party hats,
Sandi D

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  1. Wow! Looks amazing! The MDF boards you painted are fantastic!


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