Saturday, 11 May 2013

Brisbane Play Group for Alternative Indie Parents: Mum Club at Southside Tea Room, Morningside

Mum Club will be held at Southside Tea Room this coming Monday between 10-11:30am, and this month we are celebrating Mother's Day with delicious cakes (including amazing Glutenfreek gluten-free snacks!) and excellent coffee for the Mum's; and playdough for the kidlets.

If you like hanging out with other cool parents like me; and your baby, toddler or child likes to play with other cool kids like Hunter you should come. We would both love to see you there!

Think of it as the mother's group you secretly hoped for, but doubted you'd ever find.

Cool Parents Unite and Take Over,

Sandi D

Southside Tea Room
639 Wynnum Rd Morningside Brisbane. 4170.
PH 3899 5859

1 comment:

  1. If you ever have one of these on any day other than a Monday. Let me know.


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