Monday, 29 April 2013

ANZAC Day With A Toddler.

This year we celebrated ANZAC Day by watching the Brisbane City ANZAC Day March. We stayed there until the last of the Air Force Squadrons had completed their march, and then we stopped in to Southside Tea Room for a quick pint before heading home.
How did we get through three hours of public time with a toddler? 
Snacks- he ate an entire banana, a handful of Tiny Teddy biscuits and then had a couple of hot chips with me. 
Drinks- I had a bottle and a sippy cup and gave him whatever he wanted whenever he pleased. He usually only gets water or milk but on this day he also had some apple juice. 
Freedom- I let him have some time to run around. A bit of personal freedom for Hunter not only helped him let off steam, it also tuckered him out so he was happy to sit back in his pram

Hunter was most fascinated by the Queensland Mounted Infantry Historical Troop and Canine Squadrons. He also loved the marching bands, showing everyone how his KissCat had a camouflage uniform on; and running at full speed into crowds and disappearing down alleyways. It was exhausting and made me very grateful for my friend and neighbour Rebecca's presence, but mostly it was fun.

Next year I will check out the ANZAC March Brisbane website before planning our day. Through the website I can get a copy of the run order so I know when Daddy is walking past. This will give me time to get Hunter in a position to see him, and point him out in the crowd.

As a side note, I also find it weird that I am such a bleeding heart peacenik and my husband is in the Defense Force. All I can say is that Australia is a peace keeping force, and I can reconcile this goal with my own because truly all those men and women and children who died in war will rest in peace when we live in peace.

Sandi D

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