Sunday, 3 February 2013

Makes Me Happy: Three Good Things

Always endearing, Jess from I Rock So What is sharing the love and spreading joy and contentment by hosting a linkup in which we are asked to share three good things that happened today.

And it's gotten me thinking. A lot actually.

I have so much to be thankful for. I've been awake for four hours so far and these are the three that spring to mind (four if I include the wonder and majesty of coffee. Sweet, sweet coffee):

My husband Lee. He takes such good care of Hunter and I. The adoration he lavishes on Hunter makes my heart sing, he is patient and kind and engaged in his son's life. Dirty nappies, bath time, dinner, babysitting while I go out, cleaning, washing- Lee takes care of them all and enjoys doing so. The love he has for me is also pretty amazing. His kisses are elixir and his laughter is music to my ears- he is too beautiful to waste. I married my best friend, and together we make every day an adventure.

My friends. They encourage me, challenge me, care for me, educate me, embrace me, enrich me and support me in my new life as a mum- all these wonderful things, so full of love and they still think I'm cute even when I get all emo after posting old films of Hunter as an infant on FB.

Having to clean out the fridge. This last one is a bit of a curve ball, I mean, scrubbing sticky stinky mysterious grime off the shelves is a total pain in the ass, but then again, I own the fridge, it keeps food nicely cool and is full of food. Healthy delicious food that nourishes my family. I am so privileged to have the opportunity to be on my hands and knees, in my underpants, up to my arms in suds and scraps cleaning until I see my reflection on every surface because it means my country is safe, my home is safe, there is prosperity in my life and time to take care of these small details. High fives to all the fridge cleaning parents out there: aren't we all so lucky? :)

Won't you join me in celebrating our good fortune?

My bad fortune, slipping away,
Sandi D

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  1. i loved this post. thanks for joining in. i think it's so beautiful how much Lee loves you guys.


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