Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I'm Feeling: Tired But Happy

Dearest Hunter,

I am almost 31, and you are almost 20 months old. I'm painting and blogging and working two days a week. Your father and I have started doing the Insanity Work Out (whoah) and in a couple of days time go to Soundwave to see some bands we love. Despite my outlandish purchase of two concert tickets a few months ago we are finding making ends meet tough right now. Daycare costs a lot, and after we pay for it there is no money left from my pay. That's alright though, its about time your father and I learnt to be responsible with our money. We consider it a challenge, and we always kick ass at challenges.

You are learning about talking and tantrums, copycat behaviour and playing with other kids, counting to three and getting carsick, patting pets and potties. We make forts together and shower together and read stories together. Everyday you make me laugh, make me wonder at the universe and how amazing it is, and frustrate me- sometimes simultaneously.

I took these photos of you so I can always remember how wonderful these days are.

With love,
your Mum.

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