Monday, 25 February 2013

Crazy Shit I Found On The Internet: Cats and Babies

A long time ago I posted about cats and babies- and then just today I spotted this gem: How To Tell Your Cat You're Pregnant. I mean, it was tough telling my cats I was pregnant, I'd say even tougher than telling my husband, my family, my boss and my friends. I wish I had had this useful soundtrack to help ease into it.

I've got something to tell you,
Sandi D

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I'm Feeling: Tired But Happy

Dearest Hunter,

I am almost 31, and you are almost 20 months old. I'm painting and blogging and working two days a week. Your father and I have started doing the Insanity Work Out (whoah) and in a couple of days time go to Soundwave to see some bands we love. Despite my outlandish purchase of two concert tickets a few months ago we are finding making ends meet tough right now. Daycare costs a lot, and after we pay for it there is no money left from my pay. That's alright though, its about time your father and I learnt to be responsible with our money. We consider it a challenge, and we always kick ass at challenges.

You are learning about talking and tantrums, copycat behaviour and playing with other kids, counting to three and getting carsick, patting pets and potties. We make forts together and shower together and read stories together. Everyday you make me laugh, make me wonder at the universe and how amazing it is, and frustrate me- sometimes simultaneously.

I took these photos of you so I can always remember how wonderful these days are.

With love,
your Mum.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Win a $10,000 Education Plan!

Hi friends, I have just stumbled upon a competition held by Harvey Norman that is too good not to share:

A $10,000 Education savings plan!

Each of the 25 runners-up and winner will receive a prize pack that consists of a Harvey Norman PhotoCentre 16″ x 16″ canvas art print of their photograph, a $50 Harvey Norman gift voucher and a selection of Bauer Media kids’ books.

Harvey Norman is looking for recent photos of children aged from 0 to 3 years that warm hearts and make us smile. Enter your photo along with a caption to describe the photograph for your chance to win!


Good luck,
Sandi D

Friday, 8 February 2013

Milk Eyes Presents: MumClub at Southside Tea Room : A parents group and playgroup for cool mums, dads and kids

Calling all cool parents: Brisbane’s first mothers group for cool mums is on again! Join Me, Sandi D, and a ton of other rad, weird, kooky, eccentric and downright cool mums (and dads- join us!!) from 9:30am this Monday, February 11 for a morning of sweet treats and family fun.

Southside Tea Room owner and Indie songstress Patience Hodgson will serve us biggies amazing coffees and delicious cakes and snacks, while the littlies purl around safely in a play pen and the medium sized ones busy themselves at the art table and pinball machine (and perhaps enjoy a delicious organic icy pole or milkshake).

If you can’t make it this time, MumClub is held on the second Monday of every month and we would love to meet you. If you can make it but your little one can’t you are more than welcome to join us anyway. You never know who you’ll meet and it really is rad (and validating) to be part of a mums group where your clothes/hair/music taste/body mods/hobbies fit right in our patch work of alternative awesomeness.

Last time we spoke about all kinds of stuff: where to find cheap cool kids clothes, breastfeeding and bottle feeding dramas, day-care and return to work, kid friendly music that doesn’t suck, how to find cool maternity and breastfeeding and post-partum clothes, good kid friendly outings for creative and musical families, fun ways to get fit post baby (roller derby or punk rock aerobics anyone?) and how good it feels to finally meet other cool parents.

Think of it as the mother's group you secretly hoped for, but doubted you'd ever find.

Cool Parents Unite and Take Over,

Sandi D

Southside Tea Room
639 Wynnum Rd Morningside Brisbane. 4170.
PH 3899 5859

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Makes Me Happy: Three Good Things

Always endearing, Jess from I Rock So What is sharing the love and spreading joy and contentment by hosting a linkup in which we are asked to share three good things that happened today.

And it's gotten me thinking. A lot actually.

I have so much to be thankful for. I've been awake for four hours so far and these are the three that spring to mind (four if I include the wonder and majesty of coffee. Sweet, sweet coffee):

My husband Lee. He takes such good care of Hunter and I. The adoration he lavishes on Hunter makes my heart sing, he is patient and kind and engaged in his son's life. Dirty nappies, bath time, dinner, babysitting while I go out, cleaning, washing- Lee takes care of them all and enjoys doing so. The love he has for me is also pretty amazing. His kisses are elixir and his laughter is music to my ears- he is too beautiful to waste. I married my best friend, and together we make every day an adventure.

My friends. They encourage me, challenge me, care for me, educate me, embrace me, enrich me and support me in my new life as a mum- all these wonderful things, so full of love and they still think I'm cute even when I get all emo after posting old films of Hunter as an infant on FB.

Having to clean out the fridge. This last one is a bit of a curve ball, I mean, scrubbing sticky stinky mysterious grime off the shelves is a total pain in the ass, but then again, I own the fridge, it keeps food nicely cool and is full of food. Healthy delicious food that nourishes my family. I am so privileged to have the opportunity to be on my hands and knees, in my underpants, up to my arms in suds and scraps cleaning until I see my reflection on every surface because it means my country is safe, my home is safe, there is prosperity in my life and time to take care of these small details. High fives to all the fridge cleaning parents out there: aren't we all so lucky? :)

Won't you join me in celebrating our good fortune?

My bad fortune, slipping away,
Sandi D
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