Sunday, 13 January 2013

IRL: Mum Club at Southside Tea Room

On Monday, 14 January (that's tomorrow, folks!) I am hosting an event for mums and bubs/kids at Southside Tea Room in Morningside:  The working title is the unimaginative Mum Club! (Please help me with that title, it's sabotaging my blog splendor).

Mum Club starts at 9:30am and wraps up around eleven, is free to come along, and is a great way to connect with other cool parents (not just Mum's- as I explained previously, I'm working on the title and all suggestions are welcome!) in your 'hood. All parents/carers and their kin are welcome.

"Bring a friend, make a friend" is the tag-line for a reason *wink* so tell a Brisbane based friend by posting this link in Facebook or on Instagram.

While us cool parents connect over coffee, the wee kidlets can roam free- in so far as for the duration of MumClub a playpen will be set up for the wee kidlets to safely bumble about together- BYO floor rug/blankie. (Obviously your child is your responsibility at all times, however I'm sure you'll agree with me when I say a playpen helps contain the chaos, right?:)

Small hand sized snacks supplied (fruit) and delicious treats available to buy from the delightful SSTR barista's (including a Dirty Chai- Chai Latte 'dirtied' with a shot of fresh Dramanti espresso- my personal favourite!) will have the pre-lunch munchies banished.

Think of it as the mother's group you secretly hoped for, but doubted you'd ever find.

Cool Parents Unite and Take Over,
Sandi D

Southside Tea Room 
639 Wynnum Rd Morningside Brisbane. 4170. 
PH 3899 5859

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