Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Breastfeeding Politics.

Some important things need to be said about breastfeeding (in response to this article in which a mother was illegally ejected from a public pool for daring to feed her infant):

50% of the world have breasts, 100% of babies need food- and surprise- food for babies comes from breasts!!

Don't like seeing tits desexualised?- talk to your mother, sisters, aunts, cousins, female colleagues and friends about how their body is more than just a walking porno mag.

Don't know where to look when a woman is breastfeeding- learn how to look a woman in the eye.

Don't like breastfeeding because it grosses you out- ask yourself if you prefer to see starving children, or if you prefer for children to be fed synthetic food substitutes which are at best half as nutritious.

 "I’m largely uninterested in what anyone (particularly a privileged white male) thinks about breastfeeding in public. Women have the right to feed their babies wherever they want, and the recurrent debates on the matter are repetitive to the point of irritation." 

Fuck this white middle class male oppression,
Sandi D

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