Friday, 18 January 2013

Baby, Toddler and Child Safe Monster Truck Toys

Hunter adores it when the RC Cars come down off the shelf. Daddy and Keith make their RC Cars whiz around the field, and I reset the battery powered Lunchbox for Hunter so he can be a part of the fun too. The cars rushing back and forth hypnotise Hunter. He plays with his Tamiya Mini Lunchbox and daydreams about being old enough to man the controls.

Unfortunately for Hunter and the Lunchbox, Hunter hasn't quite grasped how to play delicately with toys, and after a few overarm throws and some plastic-shattering falls the Lunchbox has temporarily retired from play. Hunter is most displeased with this turn of events and so Lee and I are on the look-out for a Hunter safe Monster Truck. My preference is always for a long lasting hardy toy that isn't ugly and isn't a billboard for some brand or movie or TV show, and so there are plenty of wood and bamboo Monster Trucks in the list below:

E Offroader from The Wooden Toybox

Chicco Remote Control ATV from Bed, Bath and Beyond Ages 2+
Wooden Monster Truck from Etsy Ages 2+
Little Monster Truck from the Wooden Toy Box
Fisher Price Rattle & Go Racer from Target
HappyLand Monster Truck from ELC and MotherCare
And don't forget the Golden Book "I'm A Monster Truck" - silly me, how could I forget the book when Hunter constantly asks for it to be read to him...

We picked our copy up for $1.99 at Aldi, although I have seen it at Big W and Target too.

Vrrrrm, Roar,
Sandi D

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