Monday, 10 December 2012

I'm feeling: proud! Hunter has learnt a new thing!

Hunter has learned how to point out parts of his body! Yesterday I was hanging out with him, and we were chatting about wearing sunglasses and how they stay on his face. I asked him where his nose was. He pointed to his nose and sniffed! I was in stitches, laughing so much at how cute he was. We played some more, and he showed me he knows where his mouth, eyes, hair, ears, feet and tummy are too!

In addition, when he puts on sunglasses he does his 'cool guy' dance. He shakes his head from side to side and scrunches his nose up. Not sure where he learned to dance like that (LEEEEE!!!!) but gosh it's adorable.

He is learning so much so quickly, it's amazing.

Eye Nose, I know,
Sandi D

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