Friday, 14 December 2012

Can You Help?

I just read this heartbreaking plea for donations for homeless children in Logan- not ten minutes drive from where I live there is a little girl who sleeps in a car with her family and all she wants for Christmas is a water bottle and a pair of pink shoes. A fucking waterbottle. I can't even...

My computer desk is currently laden with gifts for kids who have no need for another toy, and then there is a teenager who wants work boots so he can get a job. Another wants a skipping rope, another underwear. I feel sick looking at the gifts I bought for kids who will have trouble finding somewhere to fit the toys in, realizing now that the money would have been better spent helping someone who really needs it.

It's too late at night for me to call, but in the morning I will and see how I can help.

If you can help, please phone Ms Hintz on 0408 256 251 or contact Mothers Against Drugs incorporated on 3807 7665. Address: 1 John Lane, Beenleigh, Qld 4207. You can also send an email to

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