Thursday, 8 November 2012

Winner: Fisher Price Toy Giveaway, and a Small Melbourne Getaway

A big congrats to Kelli Stevens of Morayfield, you have a Fisher Price toy pack coming your way! Check your emails, because for some reason Raflecopter won't let me email you...

Apologies for the late competition winner announcement- I've been in Melbourne on my first ever non-baby vacation!

How was being away from my baby? I cried my eyes out as I drove away from Hunter, and continued to cry the whole plane trip from Brisbane to Melbourne. What a baby!!

Despite the tears, as soon as I touched down I put on my biggest smile and allowed myself to have a great time. Seeing my husband again after six weeks of him being away (military life sucks!) felt amazing, and getting to run around like teenagers again was super fantastic. We ate at Chin-Chin and Rice Queen and Bimbo's and Lucky Coq. We drank at every single bar in Victoria (I exagerate, but my hang overs would have me beleive it). I bought some rad Friends of Couture and Alannah Hill dresses and picked up some beautiful toys for Hunter, because he was on my mind.

He was on Lee's mind too- the two of us are hopelessly in love with our little man, we are both as bad as each other when it comes to speaking about him and eagerly showing pictures of him to anyone who would look.

Anyway, here are some shots from the trip, each on of which was no doubt taken by someone subjected to endless talk of how adorable our little man is.

Every day should be a holiday
Sandi d

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