Thursday, 4 October 2012

Giveaway: Fisher Price Baby and Toddler Toys

Since the 1930’s Fisher-Price has been a trusted name in early childhood development, becoming arguably the most widely recognised brand of infant and preschool toys in the world. What started out as a small venture has gone on to become a veritable institution. And yet, the more some things change, the more they stay the same. As I type this my son is playing with a stacking ring set that is remarkably like the one I played with as a child, and it feels good.

On Instagram I often see Fisher-Price toys peeping out from toyboxes across the globe- a little girl in Tokyo deep in discussion with a friend on the other end of her chatterbox phone, a little guy in Reykjavik learning to balance as he pushes his walker around the house, and here in Australia lots of little people playing with their Little People toys! Fisher-Price has rightly earned a reputation for high-quality toys that are both fun and educational, toys that exemplify the true spirit and character of the company motto "Our Work is Child's Play" (a motto which I get our a real kick out of! Corporate humour- is there anything better?).

Regular readers might recall this post from a while back in which I basically lost my mind over the discovery that Fisher-Price had re-released some of its classic toys, and this post in which I discuss Hunter’s newfound ability to stack the rings on his stacking ring set: Fisher-Price is a big deal in our household. Is it a big deal in yours too? Would it be if I you opened your emails to discover you had won a Fisher Price toy set? Because you may well find yourself doing just that, as I am proud to announce I have a Fisher-Price toy pack to giveaway!

Giveaway Prize Pack consists of one Pull and Spin Caterpillar and one Friendly Flip Phone.
Oooooh, ahhhhhhh! Wouldn’t your little one go nuts for these awesome toys? The giveaway consists of one Pull and Spin Caterpillar and one Friendly Flip Phone, and if Hunter's reaction to them sitting on the couch is anything to go by they certainly will- it doesnt even matter that Hunter already owns the same caterpillar toy, he can't help himself!

To enter, all you have to do follow the Raflecopter prompts below (Like Milk Eyes on Facebook, and leave a comment on this post which states your name, city and a favourite Fisher-Price memory). This giveaway is open to all cool parents, and ends October 31st.

I would like to add a small note of thanks to all my regular readers for coming back to catch up with what’s happening in the Savage-Darling household, sharing your love of Milk Eyes with your ‘cool parent’ friends and keeping in touch too. To watch my visitor counter grow, see how many of you find me so Pinterest-ing and receive invitations to guest blog and review or giveaway products is a really rad feeling. Us cool parents really are uniting and taking over! For all your support, I thank you and wish you the best of luck.

Gratitude and giveaways,
Sandi D


  1. Livivua c- hattiesburg, mississippi and my favorite fisher price moment is playing with the food play items and fisher price toys have the best beginner toys for your little ones

  2. Vivian- Castaic, CA , my 2.5 year old loves his FP dump truck!

  3. I have three children and they have loved the three Fisher Price toys especially for baby!

  4. Tanene - Adelaide, Australia. As a kid my brother and I would go to our friends house and they had a cool Fisher Price cash register. We would play shops out in their cubby house, make cakes to sell etc. It was always a lot of fun!

  5. Jessica Henrico, VA. I love watching how seriously my baby plays with her favorite Fisher Price toy (the Luv You Zoo Gym). She takes it so seriously!

  6. Kelli Stevens - Morayfield, QLD - My favourite personal FP memory would be playing with their classic shape sorter but my son absolutely loves any of their musical instruments - xylophone, drums, etc.

    1. Hi Kelli,
      Congratulations! You are the winner!! But now I need to contact you to send you your prize- please email me or respond to this reply/comment.

  7. loved playing with our kitchen. my parents still have it! baby #1 due in feb! thanks!

  8. My Children Loves Fisher Price toys

  9. Alex, Rexburg, our daughter loves all her fisher price toys!

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  11. Hey Great Blog, My son Loves fisher Price Toys. So much so that I have had him help me create a Review of them. I would have to say his walker and Rumble Driver are his favourites at the moment. Congratulations Kelli On your win. Adam's Babies Toys
    Fisher Price Baby Toys


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