Monday, 27 August 2012

I'm Feeling: Content. My Life Lately

This chatty little man has been amazing me lately.
He says Mamma (Mum), Dad, Gat (cat), I wuv (I love), Ruck! (Truck), Brummm (engine noises), Up, that (while pointing- always pointing!), and "Poo" (!).
He smacks his lips and leans in for a kiss. His kisses are open mouthed spit sessions, equal parts gross and delightful. He claps his hands to show enjoyment. He can put objects into and out of something else (little toys into a bag for example); stack things (Fisher Price stacking rings); run and walk and climb; giggle and chatter/jabber; throw temper tantrums if denied access to the motorbike; charm a crowd; obey the command of "stop!"; lets me know he has done a poo; understands the term "yucky".
He loves to see the garbage truck, has an abundance of hugs for his toy cat KissCat, adores showers, wants to eat whatever the big people are having, loves drinking out of straws, is wild about being in Man Land (the garage and workshop) and sitting on Daddy’s motorbike, likes to mimic the adults (super cute to see him sweep or vacuum with his toy sized broom or vacuum), enjoys "In The Night Garden" (a TV show on the ABC 2 channel at 7:30pm which is good for the night after a big night- when even the calmest and most pleasant little man has need of sitting down and chilling out while still being very engaged/stimulated. No comment on the fact that a bit of the TV finally snuck in...).
He sleeps through the night, still laughing and occasionally having night terrors as he transitions from light to deep sleep. Hunter eats everything in sight (olives, capsicum, beans, spinach, zucchini, curry, mild Mexican food etc), and loves to suck on the Velcro of his wooden cut the vegetables set from ALDI. He is beginning to understand humour, and is also sometimes reluctant to show he has hurt himself- I'm not sure if it’s because he is unshakable, or if it's because I don't react until I see how he reacts first (I try to let his reaction inform my own rather than my reaction inform his actions. For example, if  he just dusts off and gets straight back up I smile and encourage him back to play, if he is visibly shaken/ shocked or very still/ crying that’s when I pick him off and check where he may have hurt himself while giving him big cuddles. I never gasp and run over to him after every trip the way many parents and carers do, as I have always thought that this often tips an otherwise fine kid into hamming it up for the crowd).
His favourite place to be beside the garage is the backyard and the park. Increasingly he explores the bigger and more complex/challenging rides and equipment. He loves to climb- the climbing wall at the playground, the stairs at the tennis court, the lounge room furniture. He had his first major stack last week, slammed his head into the corner of our vintage ammo crate/coffee table. Needless to say the crate has been replaced with an ottoman.
My favourite thing though is still the mornings. At about 7:30 in the morning I get a little wakeup call in the form of a happy little boy chatting to himself in his bedroom. I open the door to find him playing in his cot with KissCat. H stands up to greet me as I enter the room, holding KissCat in one hand he stretches out for me. "Up", I say. "Up!" he mimics. I lean in to pick him and Kiss Cat up, getting big cuddles as I take him to his change table. We fuss as I clean his face, and he fusses some more as I change and dress him. Sometimes a toy works to distract him, keeping him lying there happily while I undertake the business of cleaning and changing him. Most successful of all toys are brushes and combs- he will merrily chew the bristles for as long as the business of getting dressed for the day takes. Once dressed I put him on the ground, where he stops to inspect the ground and cast an eye around his room, oftentimes grabbing a toy or interesting item before running, arms raised above his head, to the living room and beyond for another day of play and learning with Mummy, Daddy and Grannie, and all the other people who feature in our lives day to day.

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