Friday, 20 July 2012

I'm Feeling: Busy!

Whew! What a hectic couple of weeks- the post-party comedown hit just as I said goodbye to my dear friend Michelle- she had flown up from Melbourne to celebrate Hunter's first birthday and was very kind to me even as I made her work overtime to get the party up and going. I'm sure the whip lash scars will heal in time Michelle- until then I can't thank you for your help enough!

I'm back at work part time now so half my week is consumed with work blah and the other half is filled with chilled winter days with my family and friends. I love working two days a week and having five days a week off- its the best work life balance I have ever experienced. Sure, work is dull and all that, but it does make seeing my son even more special to me (as if it were even possible!) and it also gives me an opportunity to see my mother more. She is a 'live in grannie' from Sunday night till Tuesday night, an arrangement which is working brilliantly so far. I'll post more on how having my mum be such a big part of my life is working out in the near future.

And then there is just life- all the crazy adventures and mischeif we get up. Savage-Darling life rocks! I can't even recall much of what has taken up my time these last weeks, but it must of been awesome to distract me from regularly updating Milk Eyes (my bad!). Perhaps these Savage-Darling shots will jog my memory...

Rock Your Baby had a sale- we got Hunter this cute tartan cardigan for under $15

My girlfriend took this cute shot of Hunter chewing a Brio Daschund

My dear friend Jhon gave Hunter a Super Grover - Hunter loves him!
I got super pumped on slowcooked Red Curry with Sweet Potato. Mmmmmm.
This guy figured out how much fun it is to spit our food and/or throw food onto the floor...
Hunter found his soul-mate: a Build A Bear Workshop Jedi Cat. 'Cat' as he is affectionately called is shown love by being stripped of clothes, having his whiskers pulled and his nose pashed/chewed. Love hurts, I guess?

Hunter partied like wildfire at Jhons 30th birthday bash- so hard we had to leave just as all the rest of the party people (Holly Throsby!)  showed up
Hunter was epicly tired after his first birthday Where The Wild Things Are bash.

Now I remember!
Sandi D

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