Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Makes Me Happy: Modest Mouse Documentary At PitchFork.

One of my favourite songs of all time is one that seems to speak to me of my own childhood. Its a heartfelt, achingly beautiful indie track called Trailer Trash by one of my favourite bands, Modest Mouse.

Eating snow flakes with plastic forks
And a paper plate of course, you think of everything
Short love with a long divorce
And a couple of kids of course
They don't mean anything
Live in trailers with no class
goddamn I hope I can pass high school means nothing
Taking heartache with hard work
Goddamn I am such a jerk, I can't do anything
And I shout that you're all fakes
And you should have seen the look on your face
And I guess that's what it takes
When comparing your bellyaches
And it's been a long time
Which agrees with this watch of mine
And I guess that I miss you, and I'm sorry
if I dissed you

If you also love Modest Mouse, or post-grunge pre-indie music check out the full length doco on the making of The Lonesome Crowded West by clicking this link.Featuring interviews with the entire band, as well as producer Calvin Johnson, there are some brilliant stories told about what was going on in their lives at the time of recording, as well as the process they undertook to create the beautiful and critically acclaimed multi-layered post-surf rock post-grunge poetically suburban soundscape. Watch out for Elliot Smith (poor uncle stab-stab) and Daniel Johnston (Hi, How are you?), and join me in admiring Isaac Brock's book shelves!

It's been a long time,
Sandi D

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