Monday, 11 June 2012

Great Alternative, Indie, Punk and Rock Songs To Sing With Kids. Cool Music For Children Of All Ages. No Swear Words, Promise.

I recently hosted a giveaway, where I asked readers to share with me their favorite songs to sing to and with their kids, not lullaby's or kids songs, but real songs you would actually want to listen to. There were some great suggestions, including Alana W's winning suggestion of No Surprises by Radiohead. I had so many great suggestions that I would be cruel to not gather them all up into one place and share them with you. And so dear friends, I give you, a huge list of songs that don't suck that are kid friendly.

As is the case with parents and music, Hunter and I will love to sing together until the day when the thought of  singing along to my daggy oldy songs will be more shameful to him than almost any other activity. God knows the idea of being trapped in a Moris Minor for seven hours while we drive to Grandma's singing Don McLeans American Pie over and over and over again sends shivers up my spine (thanks mum!) and yet when I'm at Target and I hear it come on over the radio I find myself humming along. Perhaps deep down inside of me I'll always secretly love the songs of my childhood, right up until the day the music dies...

Until that day, I will never publicly admit I know all the words to pretty much every commercial radio song from the last fifty years. Actually, I can't back that up. Three beers will have me busting out Coolio's Gangsta's Paradise back to back with Phil Collin's Another Day In Paradise, and my ruse will be revealed. I'm not proud. I'm not done yet neither.

Peter, Bjorn And John, Second Chance

Richard Hell And The Voidoids, Blank Generation

The Cure, Love Cats

Modest Mouse, Paper Thin Walls

Garageland, Come Back

Nirvana, Son Of A Gun

Ramones, I Wanna Be Sedated

Beat Happening, Cat Walk

B52's, Rock Lobster

Fugazi, Waiting Room

White Stripes, We're Going To Be Friends

The Pixies, Where Is My Mind?

Custard, Apartment

Urge Overkill, Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon

Blondie, Call Me

Franz Ferdinand, Take Me Out

Talking Heads, Psycho Killer

Spiderbait, Calypso

Interpol, Slow Hands

Cake, The Distance

Dresden Dolls, Coin Operated Boy

Eels, Beloved Monster

The Stranglers, Golden Brown

Hot Hot Heat, Bandages

Islands, Don't Call Me Whitney Bobby

Moloko, Fun For Me

Kim Wilde, Kids In America

Kings Of Leon, King Of The Rodeo

Marcy Playground, Comin' Up From Behind

Placebo, 36 Degrees

No Doubt, Spiderwebs

Pony Up! The Truth About Cats And Dogs

Refused, New Noise

Queens Of The Stone Age, Go With The Flow

Smashing Pumpkins, 1979

Snowman, You Are A Casino

Social Distortion, I Was Wrong

Sleigh Bells, Comeback Kid

Ministry, Lay Lady Lay

Rancid, Ruby Soho

Nine Inch Nails, We're in This Together

The Strokes, Is This It?

Jebediah, Military Strongman

Metallica, Memory Remains

Something For Kate, Captain

Primus, Shake Hands With Beef

Mark Of Cain, LMA

Soul Coughing, Circles

The Stooges, Passenger

Tom Waits, Big In Japan

Beastie Boys, Intergalactic

They started singing,
Sandi D

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