Thursday, 31 May 2012

Southside Tea Room Morningside: Light Roast, Dirty chai, Baby Friendly, Best Service Cafe in Brisbane

I recently had the pleasure of drinking and eating at Southside Tea Room in Morningside, Brisbane. If I had to sum up my experience in ten words or less I would say: Quirky decor, friendly service, sensational coffee, delicious food, fuck yes.

I love snacks, and so couldn't help but order one of everything: a vanilla cupcake, a ricotta and tomato tart and also a sandcake. Alright, I shared the tart and sandcake with my mummy (hi mum!) but wasn't quick enough on the sandcake and only had a mouthful- my first impression was "mmmmmm, icing", but that was as far as it went because by the time I'd finished my cupcake mum had wolfed down the cake. Apparently it was delicious. The vanilla cupcake overturned all previous experience I have had with vegan and gluten free food- it was delicious, remarkably so. Not just good on the vegan/gluten free scale of food (which can be hit and miss, and mostly miss)- but seriously good on any scale of delish

I wavered over whether to buy a Selter, a Doctor Pepper or a hot chocolate, when John told me about his special dirty chai: chai latte with a shot of espresso, AKA the best drink I have ever bought, . The d-c was made by John (guided by the experienced hands of Raven, Brisbane foodies might recall her gorgeousness from The Flamingo Cafe) with Dramanti beans. The house roast is a light roast, sweet and flavoursome- no need to add sugar to your coffee here, the light roast isn't at all bitter. If you are more of a hot chocolate fan, try it with almond milk, a Southside specialty. 

While I was there another young family stopped in with a gorgeous little bub named Liam. We shared a table and chatted about how awesome babies are, pausing only to savor our tasty treats and sip our beverages. Afterwards I was kicking myself for not mentioning that I had a competition (finishes tomorrow!) that Liam's mummy might like to enter. Nevermind, I just may bump into her again as I intend on making Southside my regular. All the cool people get their drinks there- even Kevin Rudd!

If you live in Brisbane, you simply must stop in to Southside Tea Room.

Open from 7am-1pm weekdays, 8:30-2:30 weekends
639 Wynnum Rd
Morningside Queensland 4170

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