Saturday, 12 May 2012

I'm Feeling: Proud. Things I Have Learnt From My Baby: Words Of Wisdom

Thanks to my son I have made a great realisation, and one that I would like to share with you.


Every single thing you do is the sum of a million tiny triumphs. 

Every single thing you do is a wonderous achievment. At one stage in your life even the simplest of actions were eagerly awaited. The watchful eyes of your guardians lit up the first time you gripped their finger in your tiny hand, the first time you smiled back at them made them exult in delight, the first time they heard you speak sounded to their ears like the song of an angel.

Opening your eyes, lifting your head, clasping your hands, smiling, the abilty to grasp, rolling over, sitting up, standing up, understanding language, obeying commands, laughing, playing games... Every little thing you do once made your mother smile with joy and your daddy's eyes gloss over with tears of pride.

At some point in your life the things that you now consider inconsequential (if you even consider them at all) were remarkable- worthy of comment by every single person you met. We have all come so far, learnt so many things, taken so much in our stride that its easy to imagine we always knew how to do everything, easier still to think of past acheivement as something not worthy of current attention.

The lesson I chose to take away from this realisation is when I feel overwhelmed, or unworthy, or stupid or lame, I just need to look at my son and think about how his advances make my heart swell with pride and share some of that pride with myself for all the wonderous things I have already acheived, and the amazing things I am yet to learn.

So proud of us,
Sandi D

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