Monday, 28 May 2012

I'm Feeling: Overwhelmed. Returning To Work After Having A Baby: Brunette And Hating It.

You look fabulous! It's been over a week since we last connected and I have to say I have missed you terribly. I hope you've been having a sensationally sexy time. You certainly look it! Have you had a chance to enter the draw to win a cool CD of instrumental lullaby versions of Pixies songs? You definitely should- you'll be in with a good chance, and if you don't win this prize, you can always try for my next one (soon! check this space!).

And now flow the excuses for being absent for so long: Last week I started back to work after one year on maternity leave. It feels like I never left. It is kind of overwhelming to be back and for all to be exactly the same- but with slight differences. I'm constantly finding little changes- every minute is bringing a new surprise. I'll write more about the experience soon, suffice to say I am wiped out and want beer and a hug. I'll have to settle for tea and missing my handsome hubby- he is off on a military exercise until tomorrow. My world is coloured poo brown when he isn't around to liven up life.

Going for walks helps brighten a dull mood.

Other things that are poo brown are (apart from poo, because that is just a daily occurrence. Everybody poos.) my sons bear suit- he was given two (one was a infant size, shown to great effect in this post) and has now grown into the larger size- BEARBY Ver 2.0! The best brown thing ever. Photo's soon!

Also, I had to dye my hair back to a boring colour, and consequently I am now a brunette. A badly dyed brunette, with zany purple patches. My plan is to sneak in some coloured highlights, and then some low lights. And then hopefully go back to what I affectionately refer to as 'happy hair', because brown hair is sad face inducing. My pout is enormous. I could trip over it. If only there was something amazing to look forward to in addition to Lee coming home...

POW! There is! Today marked the opening of Brisbane's newest and most sensational hang out- Southside Tea Room. Owned by two of my besties, Patience Hodgson and John Patterson, Southside is pretty much the best place on earth (just beaten by Takeshita Dori in Harajuku and The Natural History Museum in New York). And Hunter and I (and my mum!) are going on Wednesday! AW YEAH!

We've been watching them renovate and decorate and prepare for opening for ages, and suddenly its real! It's like a baby, only caffeinated! And one of my other besties Raven is the barista! She is so good, it'll blow your mind. Plus, she's a stone cold fox. Life is grand!

Pre-opening party, Hunter rockin' a late bedtime.
Turn that brown, upside down
Sandi D

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