Monday, 14 May 2012

Cool Celebrities On Sesame Street: Jim Carey

Jim Carey Muppets

I feel very alone in saying this, but I haven't always liked Jim Carey. Whoah there! Whoah! Settle down! Calm yourself Carey fans, and let me explain. When I was younger* I hated American comedy and films such as Ace Ventura, The Cable Guy and Dumb and Dumber fell squarely in that category for me- crass ass and fart humour weakly mixed together with some lame physical comedy, a splash of sexual innuendo and a sprinkling of speach impediment jokes, a dumb busty babe thrown in for good measure.  It wasn't until I saw The Mask that I decided that perhaps Jim Carey was alright after all- and then he went and did Batman Forever and I thought him completely over baked and destined for the scrap bucket.

Then out of the blue he was cast in The Truman Show and followed it up by playing Andy Kaufman in the biographical movie of the avant-garde comedians life in Man In The Moon. He was delicious in both roles, and I realised that he was more than just a typecast lame-o limping his way through some epically lame films. He still does woefully wonky films (The Grinch - a movie which has apparently garnered critical acclaim, which to me just points to how sick the commercial movie industry has become) but more than makes up for it with seriously great acting in satirical comedies and avant-garde films such as Fun With Dick And Jane and Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind.

Perhaps you have always been a fan of old Jimbo; or like me, you have had your doubts and on balance come to enjoy his varied repertoire; or maybe you loathe him but, like a car crash, can't look away. Whether he makes you happy or sad, I present to you, Jim Carey and his happy/sad feet taking a walk along Sesame Street. Even though the sketch was originally written for Steve Martin, I think Jim has brought a certain cheeky joy to the role, and for once is using his physical comedy skills for good, not evil.

When I get happy it goes right to my feet too,
Sandi D

*American Pie still makes me throw up in my mouth a little, but I love Wayne's World and Hot Rod so much that I can't really say I hate American comedy anymore.

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