Friday, 27 April 2012

Giggle And Hoot Free Colouring Coloring Page Download

I have had a few requests from readers requesting Giggle And Hoot Colouring Pages. Being a bit arty I decided to give drawing my own a try- I don't own the rights to the Giggle and Hoot images, this is simply fan art. If you love Giggle And Hoot or have a little one who does you might like to check out my Giggle and Hoot birthday party post by clicking this link.

*edit* I have now also uploaded a birthday party themed Giggle and Hoot colouring page for your very own birthday boy or girl to colour in! Check it out by clicking this link.

To save the image, simply right click the picture below and select 'Save As'. Open Word, and insert this picture into a blank document. Resize as you wish, print. Viola!

Hoot hoot hoot,
Sandi D

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