Monday, 9 April 2012

Cool Baby Shoes

So I forgot to post this back in January- figure I'll post it now and no one will notice that I've already mentioned that Hunter can crawl and cruise now (nor will they notice I mention a fitness routine... *say nothing*)...

My son has developed a method of propulsion that involves scooching his way slowly across the floor backwards. I'm not sure how the trail of drool that shows where he's come from aids his cross-rug progress but it appears to be an integral part of the process because no amount of wiping it up stems the flow. Everyone keeps warning me in ominous tones that it won't be long until he is crawling and walking which I understand to be a euphemism for "carving a destructive path through ones home with a cyclonic force which  leaves no novel or CD case unharmed".

When Cyclone Hunter hits we'll be ready- my husband and I have bought him some baby cons (on sale at DFO- $12.50 for the plain ones and $35 for the DC Comics/Riddler mashup) and I'm currently doing market research on the best child-safe barriers for our house. The barrier is kind of boring, but the kids shoes are the fluffiest little saccharine morsels. I am compelled to share in case I get diabetes by being greedy and keeping them all to myself.

We bought two different sizes as neither of us can imagine Hunter will even need more than one pair of shoes until he is much older, which means continuing looking for other cute baby shoes is kind of a total waste of my time. And yet, I can't seem to help myself. Kids shoes are like little delicious bonbons. Unlike bonbons these kicks make me feel like a melty marshmallow without leaving me looking like one, which is great because I am also focusing on re-gaining my pre-pregnancy physique. I'll post more on that topic when I'm not so embarrassed by my complete lack of enthusiasm for sticking to my fitness regime...

Mum and Dad Tattoo via Rock Your Baby

Adidas Muppet Animal Shoe Via Adidas

Headbanger Baby Shoes via Stardust

Crocheted Cowboy Baby Boots via Kneat Heaven

Caramel Suede Moccasin Boots Via Gracious May
Baby Dragon Booties Via Miniature Knit

Cowboy Boot Via Cuddlestar

Camoflage Booties Via Child Of Privilege

Dr Seuss Converse
As an added bonus I'm linking you to a DIY- how to crochet your own cowboy booties! OMG TOO CUTE!

Pants first, then shoes
Sandi D

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