Monday, 16 April 2012

Cool And Top Lego: The Best Lego Online Videos, Animations, Pictures And Sculptures: Lego Festival- 50 Years In Australia

In 1962 a young and eager sales rep by the name of John Peddie was being turned away by Aussie retailers. They all said the same thing "Aussie kids prefer playing outside". After months of pitching the Lego block door-to-door, Peddie finally won over a Sydney department store. They agreed to stock the brightly coloured building blocks- the rest, as they say, is history.

The brand name Lego comes from the Danish expression "Leg Godt", which translates as play well. And play well we have- to this day Lego remains the number one toy brand in Australia, with every Aussie owning (on average) 70 Lego bricks. Despite the fact that standing on a piece of Lego barefoot is almost as painful as getting a tattoo, in 2011 over seven MILLION sets were sold in Australia alone- that is seven sets every second!

To celebrate, Lego is hosting a nine-month schedule of activities - big and small, online and in the real world - for young and old across the country to take part in. Check out the festival timeline here for dates and locations:

I want to celebrate Lego too- so I have trawled the internet for heaps of fun Lego themed bits and pieces. Check out these:

Sean Michael Ragan's Lego Syringe Via Who Killed Bambi

Part of Michael Jackson's estate: A lifesize replica of Darth Vader standing over seven feet tall made of Legos over a steel frame. Comprised of seven separate pieces including a cloth cape, which assemble to create a larger than life figure. When turned on, the figure breathes heavily in between reciting eight different lines of dialogue from the film including "I've been waiting for you Obi-Wan, we meet again at last," "you have failed me for the last time," He will join us or die master," and others. The replica light saber also illuminates in red. Via CNBC

Lego Munster House Via Orion Pax

9,000 brick Batcave Via Gizmodo

Fine Art Recreations Via Flickr

43,341 brick, 10-foot long Battlestar Galactica Valkyrie Via TechEBlog

Mini Fig Anatomy Via Moist Production

Norman Mailer's Lego "City of The Future" Via Greg.Org

20 Classic Album Covers Recreated in Lego Via The Toy Zone

Dissected Frog Anatomy Via Flickr

Mario Bros. Lego by Bibi-de-Bibopof

Play well,
Sandi D

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