Monday, 23 April 2012

Baby Bear Outfits, Jackets, Hats, Rompers, Playsuits and Onesies- Complete With Ears And Tails!

Have I mentioned how cute babies look dressed up as other stuff? Have I mentioned how cute MY baby looks dressed up as other stuff? The images above, taken when Hunter was just three months old, are so ovary-achingly adorable that one of them was featured as the 'Baby of the Week' in the Brisbane Courier Mail's Sunday magazine. There are hundreds of gorgeous photos of beautiful babies sent in every day, but Hunter simply had something none of the others did: Bear Ears. It was a cheap trick but dammit, it worked- and there are four very proud grandmothers and step-grandmothers, and two very proud great-grandmothers as a result.

Let me share with you an undisputable fact: everything looks better with the addition of bear ears.Prove it yourself by dressing your child in any one (or all ) of the following bear suits:

Crochet bear Hat Via Chunky Monkey Beanies

Carebear Baby Costume!

Acorn Bear Beanie Via Baby's Got Style

Baby Bear Beanie Via Oobi. Hunter has this hat and it is gorgeous and high quality. He especially loves chewing on the pompoms.

Albetta Hooded Bear Suit Via Little Styles

Crochet Bear Beanie With Tassels Via Maybe Matilda

Bear Hood Towel Via Mothercare

Crochet Hats In Various Colours Via Etsy

Bear Coccoon Photo Prop Via Etsy

Not technically a bear, but this bunny suit from Target is still gorgeous

Striped Hat With Bear Ears Via Pumpkin Patch

Hooded Dressing Gown Via Target

Pumpkin Patch Bear Hat (PS: I bought Hunter one of these in olive green, the sizes run SMALL)

For those crafty babes out there, if you join up to The Lion Brand Yarn website you can download a free Baby Bear Jacket Knitting Pattern:

Don't forget eBay- if you go to Categories> Baby> Clothing and search for (ears, bear, rabbit) (copy everything in green- its a boolean search which will bring you back results that include any of those phrases in the title) and then filter the results by gender, size, and clothing type you are guaranteed to find numerous gently loved jackets and rompers at a fraction of the cost of retail.

If you think bear ears look beary nice on kids, perhaps you would like to be a sweet honey bear too? Bear ears on adults are both cute and subversive- and you know how much I love that combination!

Rilakkuma iPhone Case Via iPhone Tailor

Faux Fur Bear Ears Pocket Scarf Via Asos (Also available in City Beach stores)

Kawaii Bear Ear Hat Via Pixelated

Bear Hoodie Via Kawaii Craving

Bear Hat Via Asos
Not responsible for any exploded ovaries as a result of the content of this post,
Sandi D

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