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The Labyrinth: Baby and Kids Toys and Clothes.

My favourite movie of all time has always been The Labyrinth. The 1986 fantasy film, directed by Jim Henson, produced by George Lucas, and designed by Brian Froud was the last feature film directed by Jim Henson- a man I adore. Henson collaborated on the screenwriting with children's author Dennis Lee and Monty Python alumnus Terry Jones. The leads are David Bowie as Jareth the Goblin King, and Jennifer Connelly as Sarah Williams. The plot revolves around Sarah's quest to rescue her little brother from the Goblin King while trapped in an enormous otherworldly maze.  

When I was a little girl I always wanted to be Sarah, and I always had a crush on Jareth. The story was brilliant, the dialogue equal parts witty and deep, the soundtrack excellent- a lot of qualities which are missing from similar types of modern films (Prince Of Persia anyone?), but it is only now as an adult that I can see that it isn't just a fairy tale, but also a story of a young girl awakening from childhood into womanhood complete with undercurrents of selfish youth, obsession and young lust. Some might unhelpfully point out that David Bowies tight pants should have made that clearer to me a little earlier in the piece, but I was too taken with his hair to really notice much below the belt. Brian Froud (the genius who designed all the goblins) explained a bit about 'those' pants to Empire Magazine in their “Dance Magic Dance: 25 Years of Labyrinth” article (February 2012)
“We’re not looking at reality, we’re inside this girl’s head. There are references to all sorts of things in his costume. There’s the danger of a leather boy in his leather jacket, which also has a reference to the armour of a certain type of German knight in it; there are references to Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights; and the tight trousers are a reference to ballet dancers. He’s an amalgam of the inner fantasies of this girl. Everyone always talks about Bowie’s perv pants, but there was a reason for it all! It has a surface that’s fairly light, but then every so often you go, ‘Oh, my God! How did we get away with that?!”

One of my favourite blogs of all time is The Labyrinth Museum. The owner has devoted an entire lifetime to collecting all manner of Labyrinth paraphernalia, including an amazing link to the original script which plainly spells out the lust thing- ahhhh Goblin King, why you no pick me?
SARAH is looking for JARETH. She spots him and sees him whisper
something to his partner who smiles knowingly from beneath her mask
and licks her lips. SARAH blushes and turns away and finds herself
looking into another mirror. But in the reflection, JARETH isn't with
a partner. He is standing alone, the DANCERS a whirling blur around
him, and he is looking straight at her. SARAH, whirling around to
face the crowd and she sees JARETH with yet a third BEAUTY. And then
she realizes that it is herself! In a trance-like state she moves
through the CROWD to get a better look.


SARAH'S POV - She is whirling in JARETH's arms, and she is the most
beautiful woman at the ball. JARETH smiles down at her and the
attraction between them is palpable.

JARETH: You look like a queen.

SARAH looks up at him, thrilled by his words.

SARAH: I ... I feel like ... I ... don't know what I feel ...

JARETH (smiling): Don't you?

And he whirls her around dizzyingly, so dizzyingly that she swoons in
his arms. He catches her before she can fall very far, tightening his
grip around her waist.

SARAH: Are we ... are we in a bubble?

JARETH: Yes, we are. A dream bubble ... where your dreams can come


OUR SARAH is being jostled by the crowd. She stumbles and almost
falls on top of a COUPLE on a bench. The WOMAN is sprawled across the
lap of the MAN who wears a mask with a very phallic nose. SARAH backs
away from them, frightened.


JARETH and SARAH, dancing. She is smiling up at him, he has never
looked more handsome. There is something more open about him, as if
he, too, is caught up in the moment. He nuzzles her hair with his
lips and whispers in her ear.

JARETH (whispering): My Queen!

Then he begins a song. A song that tells SARAH he will give her
everything she wants, even things she doesn't know she wants. A song
that says forget it all; all the restrictions, all the powerlessness.
Forget and stay in the dream.


OUR SARAH watches, mesmerized. But every time she tries to get closer
to JARETH and SARAH she in jostled by a lascivious ADMIRER, pushed
out of the way by WOMEN laughingly being chased by MEN. She stumbles
against a wall and a door opens. Inside, pillow feathers are flying
and she can't make out what the SEVERAL PEOPLE are doing. A WOMAN
comes up to the doorway, winks at SARAH, and closes the door.


JARETH finishes the song and SARAH looks up at him, smiling. He moves
his face closer to hers and she closes her eyes. His face comes
closer, and closer.


OUR SARAH shrinks back from what she is seeing. She turns and runs,
pushing herself though the languid CROWD, right into the bubble

57      EXT: BALL - NIGHT

SARAH comes crashing through the bubble and the whole ballroom
crumbles. In seconds it resembles nothing so much as a junkyard.

Lusting aside, this movie to me is also about the importance of friendship, and of apologising, and sticking to task, and not being distracted by pretty baubles. Brilliant lessons taught in such a way as to be imperceptable, but once seen cannot be unseen.

I am pretty confident that Hunter will like this film too. I’ll show it to him with loads of other classics, including Bedknobs and Broomsticks and The Princess Bride. And if he likes it, I will gleefully indulge my owns wants by showering him in a selection of the following Labyrinth themed gifts:

Ludo Via Peludossa (Etsy)
Worm Ring Via Art By Aelia (Etsy)

Babe With The Power Baby Onesie
And these classic books from Sarah's room:
The WIzard Of Oz By Frank L Baum, Outside Over There by Maurice Sendak, Snow White, Through The Looking Glass by Lewis Carrol, Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Anderson and The Brothers Grimm.

You remind me of the babe.
What babe?
The babe with the power.
What power?
The power of Voodoo-
Who do-
You do-
Do what?
Remind me of the babe!

And, just before I go- if you like The Dresden Dolls, Amanda Palmer or Neil Gaiman you may enjoy this delightful little mashup:

It's only forever,
Sandi D


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  2. Thanks for mentioning The Labyrinth Museum on your post! I am so glad you enjoy my blog :)


    1. Pedro- Your blog is THE BEST! I adore the Labyrinth too, and am amazed at your dedication (and your collection- so cool) - its perfect!

  3. Very interesting Dress story!! Great work with this... Really impressed at the hard work and dedication you guys have put in!!!
    Khadiza Akter
    "geschenk zur taufe"


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