Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Inspiring Instagramers: Top Parents Who Instagram

I've mentioned before about Instagram being a great tool to connect with likeminded folk from all over this fine planet of ours. Thanks to Instagram I've connected with hundreds of mums and dads from places as far flung as Norway, France and the USA. I've also sought (and offered) advice on a myriad of topics from night terrors to nappies, hair dye to heart attacks, tattoos to throat infections - a truly random assortment of topics.

Instagram is more than an addictive photography app - it is a virtual support network, and in keeping with the virtual support theme I am pleased to showcase some of the work of my IG (that’s Instagram speak for, uh... Instagram) friends on Milk Eyes. Without further ado (presented in no particular order, all pictures used with permission and shared here with complete respect and lots of fuzzy delicious love vibes) I give you:

An incomplete list of parenting blogs and tumblrs by some of the coolest, funnest and most inspiring Instagramers. 

Let them regale you with their triumphs and tribulations through the wonder of the iPhone and internet. (Doesn't living in the future rock?!)


Destiny is not your average mum blogger- This mama of four gorgeous boys describes herself as a crazy wife, tattoo rockin', beer drinking, trashy mouth artist and I would definitely agree. Check out her wild blog at twistedfate-rockinmama.blogspot.com and find her picture feed on IG by searching for @Destiny_Rockinmama


I've just realised I don't know her actual name, but Darcy is a lucky little man to have such an incredible mum- she has returned to school to finish off year ten, is putting in the hard yards to make her relationship awesome and at the same time is doing a great job raising her beautiful baby boy. She writes about her life over at darcysmama.tumblr and you can follow her adventures on Instagram by searching for @darcymama


Clarissa is a mum and a step mum with four cute kids to look after- from her pictures you can tell that she loves being a super-mum. Her blog is updated sporadically but is still a lovely read. Check it out at mommy2sweetpeas.blogspot.com and find her on IG by searching for mommy2sweetpeas


Okay okay, so this IGer doesnt have any other online presence, but I love getting her pictures pop up in my feed- she mostly posts hilarious pictures and memes, but also posts pictures of her son and awesome tats. Definately one of my most favourite IGers ever. Check out her feed at @fatkidcool.


Queta is pretty frikken rad- she knits the coolest things (like the adorable hat worn by the adorable little sir who's sweet stare makes me giggle, Lucas), loves Warpaint (a band which happen to be spinning away in my CD player RIGHT NOW), and as an added bonus posts saucy pictures of her feline friends. Head over to her website www.quetaknits.com right miaow, and add her to you IG feed by searching for @geetargeek


Karen is intense. Yeah, I said it- INTENSE. As though being a mum wasn’t enough insanity she also runs not one but three (!) businesses- She is a Baby Sign Language Instructor with My Smart Hands, she was one of the founding members of the Bump, Baby and Toddler Expo and she also owns and operates Love Bump Baby a Belly Casting business.  In her spare time (LOL) she writes Thatmomblog.com and posts great pictures on Instagram under the moniker @thatmom


Karissa lives in the same city I do but we have only ever met on IG. Her birth story is pretty amazing – placenta previa and epic blood transfusions etc. Her son Max is a total sweetie-pie even if he came out of the oven a little undercooked ;). Thanks to Karissa posting this link http://www.thewonderweeks.com/extras/WW_info_chart.pdf I no longer feel so disarmed by Hunters seemingly unaccountable mood swings. I really enjoy her writing over at Tumblusmaximus.tumblr and am so glad I stumbled upon her @diceh IG account and followed her.


Something is brewing over at Kitschie Kate, a brand new blog about treasure hunting, thrifting, vintage finds, and other adorable kitsch collections, all with a touch of rockabilly chic. Show your support by checking out her website, or by following her adorable IG feed by searching for @ladyluck13


Laura is a very proud mummy to one young Max monster, and he is the cuddliest little monster I have ever seen. Laura’s tumblr is filled to brimming with adorable shots of her stylishly clad boy, her partner Scott, herself and the excellent books they read- she has signed up to a challenge to read 100 books this year (FAR OUT!). See what she has read so far and offer suggestions of what to read next at maxandmummy.tumblr.com and on Instagram by searching for @_laura


Jes is another Aussie mum who I have never met in real life. She has a cat called Doom, who I think should make kittens with my cat Omen and together we could bring forth a furry apocalypse. She blogs about raising her son who also has an awesome name- Ransom. Ransom has a sneaky allergy that is yet to be defined, and so Jes posts about the journey to figuring out what the allergy is, as well as gluten free life, trying to conceive with fertility issues and all the other amazing places life takes her. Check out what she has to say over at ransomandluka.blogpot.com or by searching for her on IG by the name @fourjessicamae

There are many more IG connections coming your way in the near future so stay tuned- and if you have any suggestions let me know, you can tag me @consumeconformobey and I’ll pop on over to check it out!

Insta-nt gratification,
Sandi D

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