Friday, 3 February 2012

Facebook Suspends Breastfeeding Users


Regular readers will know about my personal trials and tribulations when it comes to breastfeeding. Despite my inability to feed my child in the manner I had wished, I still support the right of a mother to nourish her child as nature intended. When people look at breastfeeding mums sideways or give hungry bubs nasty stares in my vicinity they cop the most vicious death eyes from myself, and if they dare vocalise their misguided judgement I speak out in defense of the mamma and baby who are just taking a moment to have some delicious noms. 

So you can imagine my dismay upon hearing that Facebook has taken it upon itself to suspend users who have posted images of themselves breastfeeding.
Please take a moment to read up on the story by following this link (link).

Facebook’s terms of use state that users cannot post content that is hateful, pornographic, contains nudity or incites violence, and by removing the content I feel that Facebook is putting breastfeeding into those categories. Facebook have defended itself stating that its specially trained staff manually process each 'report user' claim and make a judgement call as to whether the reported content should be removed. Which if you follow my train of thought here, means that someone in their team, when faced with the picture below, decided it was sexual or violent or violently sexual or sexually violent or some other thinly veiled hysterical prejudice against what is in fact so natural it shouldn't even be an issue.