Wednesday, 8 February 2012

DIY: Make Your Own Plushies From Fabric Panels

Until last year I had a number of Care Bear Plushies- not real Care Bears, rather these were fabric printed to look like Care Bears which when cut out, sewn together and stuffed became half doll/half cushions friends that traveled with me for over twenty years. One once came unstitched, and had a pretty messy patch up job- nothing as freaky as these inside out teddy bears, but creepy none-the-less.

Just last week a bunch of fabric I bought off Etsy a few weeks ago arrived, some of which was by one of my favorite designers By-Bora. She creates kawaii creatures that frolic merrily in whimsical places and prints them on fabric. And then just today I was looking on her website and discovered that she gets her fabric printed by Spoonflower. So off I clicked, squealing with delight as I checked out Spoonflower- and now here I am, credit card in hand, agonising over which of these I should buy to make my son...

Kawaii Kitchen - plushie toy set

tattooed together

9" globes and jugglers - updated for 2011

Retrotastic Camera CAMERA BAG pattern

Funny black cat mask

Incredible Super Dog

MINI Pumpkin Skellie (fat quarter size)

Crazy Rain!

To the Circus!!!

Cutie-Cat Pumpkin Pillows

Jack o

Lucha Libre kids mask

Beat-Beat music note toy

You can also make your own plushies with a mid weight cotton fabric, some fabric paint and some polyester or organic toy stuffing. Check out Funky Friends Factory for some free patterns and lots of inspiration, or unpick a fave toy. Hell, even just drawing your image onto a bit of cotton fabric with a permanent marker and cutting out around it (leaving a half inch seam allowance) and stuffing it with fabric scraps can have you a simple dolly or cushion in no time.

Decisions, Decisions...
Sandi D

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