Monday, 9 January 2012

Predict Your Childs Future: Mysterio Wry Baby Clothes

Have you ever wanted to predict your child's future?

These adorable baby t-shirts come in a sealed muslin bag which means they would make perfect baby-shower gifts. If you half close your eyes you can almost see the scene: a suburban living room crowded with friends and loved ones, colourful balloons and delicious snacks as far as the eye can see, wrapping paper strewn on the floor and a very pregnant lady sitting amongst a pile of baby themed gifts wielding a sharp pair of scissors and a Mysterio muslin bag. The room holds its collective breath as the mum-to-be prepares to cut the muslin bag and reveal her unborn babies destiny...

Basically Wry Baby have created the ultimate baby shower gift- a surprise and an adorable/functional gift in one! With possibilities being as endless as a game show host, a criminal mastermind, a kung-fu master or a donut tycoon, you can be sure bub will grow up to lead a very interesting life indeed!

The only magic words I know are please and thank-you,
Sandi D

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