Saturday, 14 January 2012

Cool Celebrities On Sesame Street: Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash musta really gotten along with Oscar the Grouch when they first met and performed "Nasty Dan" together in 1979-

-because he was invited back to sing another three times:

They won't let me embed Don't Take Your Ones To Town, so you will have to follow this link. But they did let me embed this one:

In addition to being invited back the Sesame Street, he was bestowed the (dubious) honour of being parodied by a puppet: Mr Ronnie Trash. I'm not sure if being made into a puppet makes you the man, or makes you more punk rock than anything else that has ever thumbed its nose at convention.

One thing is for sure, The Man In Black was named by Rolling Stone Magazine No.31 on their list of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time- and while that was way back in 2004 you can almost bet on him still being up high in those ranks. You have probably guessed that I'm a big Nine Inch Nails fan, and Cash's cover of Hurt was one of the finest moments of this century.

Cash 'n' Trash,
Sandi D

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