Monday, 2 January 2012

Cool Celebrities On Sesame Street: Michael Jackson

You've all seen the quote, blazoned on coffee mugs and bumper stickers, "Getting old is inevitable, growing up is optional". Have you ever really sat down and wondered what a life lived to that mantra would look like? Really? Because I have, and close as I can make out, the poster boy for how its done is Michael Jackson.

Whatever you make of that comment is yours and yours alone because my heart is MJ's, and it beats in time to the music playing in Neverland. He had the voice, the clothes, the moves, the ass-shakin' beats and he looked cute both black and white (at first, then he got weird...). I just love him from deep in the core of me, the childish part that still cuts out pictures of my idols from the news paper to stick on my wall, that runs as quick as a flash to put the bins out at night in case 'something' gets me, that draws love hearts and flowers while I listen to people talk to me on the telephone, that cries whenever I drive past the animal shelter, that avoids cracks in the pavement, the organises colour pencils into the rainbow (agonising over where to slot in the 'off' shades). Yep, *that* part of me, and y'all recognise yourselves in that statement because you too had a childhood and its touchstones are talismans in the tale of your life. Judge not lest ye be judged.

I cried my eyes out the day he died, and part of me hopes that he is living under an assumed name somewhere, dancing in the rain, watching old Elizabeth Taylor films and walking into the sunset holding hands with Bubbles Ver2.0 .

Even though he did get old and gnarly and ultimately died, he lives on in film- one section of film he lives on in is a Sesame Street segment. There is something particularly sweet about MJ's appearance, because he is in fact a Sesame Street Saviour: In 1985 Michael Jackson saved Sesame Street!

You see, when the Beatles' catalogue was still owned by Northern Songs, the company attempted to sue The Children's Television Workshop for $5.5 million. They cited that the "Letter B" song too closely resembled "Let It Be". Well MJ was not having a bar of that and bought up Northern Songs' interest in the Beatles, thus rendering the lawsuit meaningless.

Just in case you were wondering, Paul McCartney, who was not involved in the lawsuit, wrote to The Children's Television Workshop saying that he liked the song.

Muppet's and Moonwalks,
Sandi D

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