Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Support My Homies: Steen Jones and Melissa Findley

SJ x MACBETH x MARMALADE BAR from Melissa Findley on Vimeo.

I love community. I just adore knowing I am surrounded by people who support me and who I support in return. Like a sexy new bra, it feels great to be supported. Official (as in your suburb) or unofficial (as in your group of friends) communities, while less lacey than a treat from Agent Provocateur, offer support that leaves you feeling just as wonderful. 
This just-as-nice-as-lingerie-but way-less-pricey feeling is why people join churches, play organised sports,  or form craft groups and book clubs. I hope the earth becomes a nicer place to live by way of a grass roots movement of people helping others, supporting them, sharing the wealth and love. I'd die happy knowing my son was living in such a world.
Talking about people in my community: my friend Melissa Findley made this gorgeous party promo video of Steen Jones painting live at the Marmalade Bar to kick off their Sunday Summer BBQ sessions
Steen isn't the only Jones to be touched with the creative bug- one of my other beautiful friends is related to Steen by way of being his sister. Check out her blog about living with MS over at I'm Just Fine. Actually, would you believe me if I told you his whole family was amazing? Check out Miu & Umi for inspirational craft treats and other creative bits. Brisbane is a small place, and I like to support my homies...

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