Thursday, 22 December 2011

Star Wars and Fight Club Snowflakes

As a kid my Mum and I would sit down the week before Christmas and make decorations. We threaded popcorn onto fishing line for a cute tinsel replacement, made ropes of paper chain, used nutshells from a gum nut tree, cotton wool and big wooden beads to make Christmas decorations- all kinds of cute stuff. Of course, some home-made decorations are not really the kind of thing you keep from year to year* but is a cheap and chic way to decorate your home- and by preserving your favourites and growing the collection year after year as your child grows you can be guaranteed that no one else's tree will look (or smell) quite like yours.

Of all of the DIY crafts, my favourite was the paper snowflake. There was is something so magical to me about a simple piece of paper that is unfolded to reveal something unique and beautiful. A diagonal fold or two (or three), a few well placed snips with sharp scissors and then- the unfolding.
Hold your breath as we unfold our first one- how will it turn out? What have we made? Does it look like a star or a flower or...

A Storm Trooper?!

This one looks like R2-D2!

Is that Yoda?! These snowflakes are the best ones yet!!

Check out the pattern Page via Super Geeky Star Wars Paper Snowflakes: Now with Diagrams! [obviouswinner]

As an added bonus, you can tell your child that they too are like the snowflake- beautiful and unique in every way. Don't let Tyler Durden hear you say that though...


sweet snips,
Sandi D

*Note: My mother, bless her heart, has kept every single cotton-wool-bearded-pine-cone and papier-mache anthropomorphic blob. The Christmas box has at times smelt like mouldy corn and more recently 30 years of mildewy glitter covered toilet rolls, lovingly referred to by my doting mother as "real decorations". The Christmas Tree over at my mums place is daggy as hell but powered by love so strong that the fairy lights (hidden as they are beneath thirty years of utter junk made by enthusiastic baby hands, hung out time again by a growing son and daughter, and repaired year after year by the loving hands of a darling mummy who shows her love with a remarkable loyalty and undying devotion) shine so bright it illuminates the edges of the universe. 

So I exaggerate about the smell, but it is totally plausible that a handcrafted Santa held together with high-drool-content glue would go mouldy, right? Never fear, I'm here to offer assistance: here are some handy tips on storing Christmas Decorations so if this years most adorable handmade decoration is a felt-and-pasta-masterpiece you can store it properly to ensure it can live to see another Christmas and dangle triumphantly alongside next years child-made-masterpiece).

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