Monday, 5 December 2011

The Selby: Mitch Alfus Leather King

I spent most of my pregnancy fearful of life after baby. I thought I would disappear into suburbia, become gradually fatter, lose the ability to groom myself, become incapable of interesting thought or conversation.

I'm not sure where I developed this image of motherhood as most of the mothers I know actually rock pretty interesting lives and are very cool people, but the truth remains that I described the whole parenting thing as 'social suicide'. I was so sure baby meant tracksuit pants and comfortable shoes, wireless bras and unbrushed hair. And then I saw this video portrait posted by The Selby of Mitch Alfus, founder of Libra Leather.  

Through a combination of street style and self depreciating humour this short doco made the thought of bringing up a baby a little less daunting. Basically Mitch just cruises about being rad, having a good time and looking glam. His kid is heart melting adorable, and his house is a dream come true. I called my husband into the room and introduced the video portrait to him by saying "I think this is the kind of dad you'll be". We watched it together and afterwards the talk about social suicide dwindled until one day I realised we were actually looking forward to the experience instead of dreading it. 

So I guess I owe both Mitch Alfus and The Selby a big "thank you" for making me realise that I was embarking on a life adventure, not a death sentence.

"My favourite activity is anything that involves spending time with my children."
-Mitch Alfus


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  1. thanks for sharing this little video. It's very rare to see these small, very average, but beautiful day to day moments shown in film. i think those little moments, like waking next to your child or getting ready for the day are some of my favourites. watching this kinda reminded me of just how lovely it can be.

    :) also - he was born in 1952! i am impressed by his energy. Seriously!


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