Friday, 23 December 2011

Cool Celebrities on Sesame Street

As a child I was super excited when someone I recognised from elsewhere appeared on Sesame Street. I would race to mum or dad and tell them all about how I saw so-and-so from that-other-place on Sesame Street, and could I go to Sesame Street to hang with them all too?

As an adult I don't know how I feel about Sesame Street- since they changed the opening sequence in the late 90's I haven't bothered to watch it and not just because only babies came home from school and watched Sesame Street (note: I came home from school and watched Sesame Street, then Play School, then Widget the World Watcher, then Captain Planet, then Alex Mack, Degrassi or Press Gang- right up until the News came on. I did this pretty much every day for twelve years). As I've mentioned previously on this blog, I'm kinda not that into TV anymore. I know though that at some stage my little guy is going to come home singing 'Rubber Ducky' or 'Twelve' and then all bets will be off.

Because I like to do things on my own terms I'm pre-empting this turn of events and compiling a fun me-friendly re-introduction to Sesame Street. I'm going to start with one you've probably all seen: Fiest Counts To Four.

One less than five, One more than three
Sandi D

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