Thursday, 10 November 2011

Cool Toys!

I saw this amazing bedroom over at Boys Germs a while ago, and was distressed to learn that Store doesn't ship to Australia. 

Won't post to Australia!? Really? Ffffuuuu Store! You fail at life.

No really, I mean it. Ffffuuuu! We don't need you! We don't need you because Peter's of Kensington is the first Aussie retailer to stock the most desirable and drool worthy MEGA LEGO BRICKS!
These items of pure radness are huge! CAPSLOCK cannot even begin to express my supreme joy at the existence of these huge storage bricks!

In addition to the mega Lego,  Peter's also stock a smallish selection of other cute toys.
My faves are as follows:

Lady Bug: Wheely Bugs come in all sorts of shapes – from bugs to farm animals, and they’re here to be your little one’s newest best friend. With four fully mobile wheels and a padded body covered in soft faux-leather, children can hop on and ride them around til the cows come home

Universal Bubble Bath Crayon Set: Each of these “crayons” is filled with coloured bubble bath. Your kids can use them like ballpoint pens to draw and fingerpaint on tiles, the bath, your shower screen…any solid surface! Then, when bathtime’s over, your child can wash their work of art away with a little water.

Ever Earth Organic Farm: This Organic Farm Set is simply adorable and brilliant for playtime! It features a beautiful red barn with a stable, a vegetable patch with carrots, corn and potato, as well as a farmer, chickens, sheep and more! Plus the whole farm runs on biogas, which can prompt an interesting lesson as to the different kinds of farming and renewable energy methods.

This Le Toy Van Honeybake Breakfast Set is a fun and engaging way for children to play house, whilst learning about daily tasks. Your little one can prepare breakfast, toasting the bread and actual cutting the fruit before presenting it on a breakfast tray ready to serve! The set includes fun servingware and cutlery, split-apart food that children can play cut before rejoining with Velcro, and even a real pop-up toaster!
Space Hopper: Although he’s a long way from home, the Space Hopper is ready to have lots of fun with you and give you a ride around the room. This is one bounce that’s going to be totally out of this world!

Smart Games Camelot Junior: The award-winning team at Smart, a premium Belgian toy company, have brought out a new multi-level logic game – Camelot Jr! Your child will happily spend hours trying to find newer and more challenging ways – using four levels and 48 challenges – for Camelot to rescue the damsel in distress.

Theatrix Magic Hat: You may think you know the old rabbit in the hat trick, but prepare to be amazed as you actually see this trick for yourself…plus so many more.
Lego and other brightly coloured items of joy,
Sandi D

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